Economic well-being, UK: July to September 2017

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  • In line with recent trends, there is a mixed picture among economic well-being indicators in Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2017; gross domestic product (GDP) per head has grown 1.1% in real terms compared with the same quarter a year ago, but real household disposable income (RHDI) per head has declined 0.2%.
  • Net national disposable income (NNDI) per head – which takes account of the depreciation of assets and the UK’s foreign income balance – increased by 1.5% between Quarter 3 2016 and Quarter 3 2017, due mainly to a £2.6 billion increase in the balance of income received from the UK’s foreign direct investment from abroad.
  • Between Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2015 and Quarter 3 2017, NNDI per head increased by 5.4% compared with a contraction in RHDI per head of 1.6%; this divergence is due to an increasing share of national income accounted for by corporations and government, and a lower share to the households sector.
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