1. How to take part

Start now

To begin the study, please click “Start Now”, then enter your household username and password. These can be found on your invitation letter.

The information you provide will be treated as confidential in accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics.

You can complete this study on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you need to, you can stop and come back to the study later.

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2. Why have I been selected?

We rely on people’s help in taking part in the Survey of Local Crime to be able to produce information about the extent and nature of local crime in England and Wales.

However, to build a picture of our whole society, we need to talk to all types of people. We are interested in your attitudes and concerns about crime, regardless of whether you have been a victim of crime or not. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we want to hear from you.

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3. Why should I take part?

This is your unique opportunity to tell us about your opinions and experiences. By taking part in this study, you will be helping to provide a picture of crime in your local area.

The information collected will be used to help inform decision-making, we must build an accurate picture of our diverse and changing population. Asking you questions allows us to gather a range of information to produce the statistics needed to help shape tomorrow and meet the country’s changing needs, such as reducing crime. Your responses will provide information not available from any other sources. Do not miss the chance to have your say.

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4. What happens next?

You should have received a letter inviting your household to take part. This letter introduces the study and includes all the instructions and login details you will need. The study is available for someone in your household to complete whenever is convenient.

Kantar are carrying out this survey on our behalf, for more information on them please see Section 7.

We design our studies with you in mind and keep them as short as possible. We only collect the information we need to better understand our society. Your response is really important to us.

Once you have completed the study, we will combine the answers you give us with everybody else’s. We then use these data to produce statistics.

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5. What will I be asked?

The study will include questions about your experiences of some household crime in the 12 months before your interview.

We are interested in your experiences, regardless of whether you have been a victim of crime or not. You will also be asked about your attitudes to crime-related issues such as the police and your perceptions of crime. There are also some questions about the demographic characteristics of you, and other household members.

There are no complex questions, and we have made sure you do not need any specialist knowledge to take part.

There are no right or wrong answers – your honest responses are vital for us to produce reliable statistics about our whole society.

We respect your right to a private life – the information you provide in this study will not be used to identify or incriminate you in any way. If you are uncomfortable with any of the questions you are asked, you can always leave them out.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Answering the questions is voluntary. If you do not want to answer some or any of the questions, you do not have to. Please answer as many questions as you can, to ensure that your experiences and attitudes are counted.

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6. What will you do with my answers?

Your personal information will remain confidential.

The details you provide in the study will be combined with those of everyone else taking part so we can produce statistics. Any data we publish will never identify you or your household.

We do not sell your data on, and you will not receive junk mail or marketing calls as a result of taking part in one of our studies.

If you want to know more, please see Section 9 about our commitment to protecting your data.

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7. Who is carrying out the study?

This study is being carried out by Kantar, on behalf of the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The ONS also plan and run the census in England and Wales.

The ONS is the country’s largest producer of statistics.

At the ONS, we are:

  • independent, unbiased and impartial; we are separate from other organisations and do not allow anything to influence the statistics we publish
  • the only organisation that produces official statistics as a primary role; we have no additional interest in the information we collect
  • only interested in society as a whole, and not you as an individual; statistics represent groups of people, and we remove your personal details as we are not interested in singling you out

At the ONS, we are not:

  • a commercial or market research organisation; we do not work for profit and will not try to sell you anything
  • associated with any political parties; we produce official statistics, no matter who the prime minister or political party in government is
  • going to sell on your data under any circumstances; we value your involvement in our studies and do not profit from your data, and you will not receive any “junk mail” as a result of taking part
  • monitoring you – the data you give are only used for producing statistics; we will not use your information to contact you about other matters such as your tax, income or benefits, and we will not provide your information to anyone else for them to do so either

Read more about what we do at the ONS.

Working with Kantar

Although the ONS is responsible for the study, the study is carried out on our behalf by an independent research company called Kantar. Once they have collected the data, they will provide these to us so we can produce statistics. We always make sure that organisations we work with treat your data responsibly.

To find out more about Kantar’s commitment while they are handling your information, please go to the Kantar website.

If you would like to check whether the study is genuine, please call the Kantar information line on +44 (0)800 051 0882.

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8. Questions about taking part

Where can I find my username and password to access the online study?

The username and password you need to complete the study online is printed on the invitation letter you should have received. If you have not received this yet, you should receive it in the post shortly.

Can I take a break part way through?

Yes, your progress saves automatically when completing the study. You can close the browser window containing the study whenever you like – your progress will be saved.

When you are ready to continue filling in the study, return to the study login page at http://www.localcrimesurvey.com. Sign in with the same username and password and you will be returned to where you left off.

I do not have access to the internet, but I want to take part

If you have access to the internet through a smartphone or other means (such as at a local library or internet cafe), you will be able to take part in the study. If you do not have access to the internet, please call for free on 0800 051 0882 to let us know.

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9. Our commitment to you and how we treat your information

What you can expect from us

You can read about the commitments we make to people taking part in our studies on the Taking part? What you can expect from us page.

How we treat your information – confidentiality and data protection

UK legislation allows us to collect and process your data to produce statistics for the public good.

Your information will be treated as confidential as directed by the Code of Practice for Statistics. It will only be held for as long as it is being used for producing statistics. The statistics produced will not identify you or anyone in your household.

Survey information is also provided to other government departments, approved organisations and approved researchers for statistical purposes only. Details on who can access this information can be found on the approved organisations and government departments page and the approved researchers page.

All statistics produced will be subject to the Code and the same standards of protection will be applied to your data at all times.

If you have a question about how we process the information you provide after it is passed on to us, or want to find out more about your rights under data protection legislation, please see our data protection page for more information and the contact details you will need.

Will anyone else see my answers?

The username and password are unique to your household only. Please keep these details safe. Once you have submitted a completed study, the answers can no longer be accessed using your username and password.


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10. Want to get in touch?

Please contact the Survey of Local Crime information line at Kantar on freephone +44 (0)800 051 0882 to speak to an advisor for help with any queries you have about the study or taking part.

Telephone opening times are:

  • Monday to Friday – 9am to 9pm
  • Saturday – 9am to 12pm

You can also get in touch via email at crimesurvey@kantarpublic.com.

We would appreciate your suggestions on how we can improve this or any of our studies. It would also be great to hear from you if you are happy with the service you have received. You can email us at surveyfeedback@ons.gov.uk.

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11. Do I have to take part?

We hope we have explained just how important your response is to us and the value of your information in producing reliable statistics for decision-making. If you missed this, or need a refresher, see Section 3: Why should I take part?.

It is your chance to have your voice heard. If you are still not convinced, you do not have to take part if you do not want to. For us to paint an accurate picture of our society, it is vital that we hear from as many people as possible, from all walks of life.

In many other countries, it is compulsory for selected individuals to take part. We are giving you the choice to make a difference.

Can I complete the study in another language?

The study is available in English and Welsh.

Can I help someone fill in their study?

It is fine to help someone in your household to answer the questions, but please remember that the answers should only be about them.

I have lost my login details needed to complete the study online. Can I have these again?

Reminder letters will be sent in the post to everyone who is yet to complete the study. The letter will have a username and password printed on it, which you can use to access the study.

How can I tell whether my answers have been successfully submitted?

Access the study again using the username and password that you submitted your answers with. If you have successfully submitted your questions, you will see a page saying the study is complete.

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