Where did you get my contact details from?

Your address was obtained from a commercially available source called AddressBase, which is maintained by Ordnance Survey. It contains details for 40 million residential and business addresses in the UK. Your address was randomly selected to take part in this study. Full details of the source of your contact details can be obtained by phoning 0800 085 7376 for free, or by emailing surveyfeedback@ons.gov.uk.

Following government advice regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be carrying out many of our studies by telephone, instead of face-to-face. To help us do this, we sometimes obtain phone numbers from a commercially available source called the REaD Group, who provide a facility to match telephone numbers against our sampled addresses. We also obtain numbers from other government departments. Full details of the source of your contact details can be obtained by phoning 0800 085 7376 for free, or by emailing surveyfeedback@ons.gov.uk

What information do we collect about you?

This study asks questions about all members of your household, and covers a range of topics, including work, retirement, unemployment and looking after the family or home.

Will I be identifiable in the results?

No, the information you submit will be treated as confidential as directed by the Code of Practice for Statistics. Any statistics or results produced will not identify you or anyone in your household.

Will anyone else see my answers?

The household access code is unique to your household, and only people with that code will be able to see any answers. Please keep your access code safe, and only share with people in your household. Once you have submitted a completed household study, the answers can no longer be accessed using your access code.

How will we use the information you provide?

Your responses to this study will be used solely by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for research purposes only, and will be stored separately from the personal information used to invite you to participate in this research. Your participation in this research, together with your individual responses to the questions will be kept confidential by both the ONS and Ipsos MORI. The results of this research will be anonymous, statistical information only, and we can assure you that you will NOT be identifiable in any published results.

We can assure you that any information you provide during this research will NOT be used for marketing, nor will we sell or pass on your information to any third party.

For more information about this research, please contact the ONS research project team. They can be contacted by phoning 0800 085 7376 for free or by email sent to surveyfeedback@ons.gov.uk.

How long will you keep the information I provide?

The information you provide will not identify you or anyone in your household and will be deleted upon completion of the project in 2024.

What precautions for data protection and confidentiality have been taken?

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) adheres to the Code of Practice for Statistics and the Data Protection Act 2018 and processes all personal information with respect, keeping it secure and confidential. Any personal data collected are processed in systems that have been accredited by the Northern Ireland Civil Service, designed to uphold the security of the data and which are subject to regular assessment. Once the study is completed, NISRA will destroy all personal data securely.

How do we ensure your personal information is held securely?

We take our responsibilities very seriously to keep your personal information secure. As such we take every reasonable precaution to ensure your information is protected from loss, theft or misuse. These precautions include appropriate physical security of our offices, controlled access to computer systems, and use of secure, encrypted internet connections when collecting personal information.


Some online studies collect information through the use of “cookies”. These are small files stored on your computer. These files are used sparingly and only for quality control, validation and, more importantly, to prevent us sending you reminders for an online study you have already completed. It is possible for you to delete “cookies” or to prevent their use by adjusting the browser settings on your computer.

We also automatically capture information about your operating system, display settings and browser type to ensure that the study is delivered in a form suited to the software your computer is using. We do not capture any other information from your computer.