All data related to Deaths involving Clostridium difficile or MRSA, Wales: 2015

  • Deaths involving Clostridium difficile

    Set ddata | Released on 30 October 2017

    Number of deaths where Clostridium difficile is involved. Age-specific and age-standardised rates broken down by sex and age group and place of death, Wales 1999, 2001 to 2016.

    Allweddeiriau: mortality,infections,hospital,nursing,deaths,of,older,people

  • Deaths involving MRSA: Wales

    Set ddata | Released on 30 October 2017

    Numbers, age-standardised rates, age-specific rates and place of occurrence for deaths involving MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus, Wales, 1993 to 2016.

    Allweddeiriau: Meticillin-resistant,Staphylococcus,Aureus,mortality,infections,hospital,nursing,deaths,of,older,people