Corrections and notices


26 April 2019

Due to a processing error, the Local Authority population estimates for England and Wales for 2012-2016 inclusive were not updated. No other data tables are affected.

We have now corrected this. Office for National Statistics apologises for the inconvenience caused.

11 July 2019

In our previous publication the population file included the 40 LAU1 areas of Scotland instead of the 32 Scottish Council areas. Hence the population data did not match the areas used elsewhere in the dataset. We have now replaced the population figures with the correct areas of Scotland.


14 December 2018

The population dataset has been amended to remove duplicate values. The Scotland file had the incorrect region code for Fife against industry 71. You can see the original versions under Previous versions.

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12 December 2018
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December 2019

About this Dataset

Annual estimates of balanced UK regional gross value added (GVA). Current prices, chained volume measures and implied deflators, for local authority areas, with a detailed industry breakdown.

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