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Annual estimates of balanced UK regional gross value added (GVA). Current prices, chained volume measures and implied deflators, for local authority areas, with a detailed industry breakdown.

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UKC North East: 1998 to 2017

UKD North West: 1998 to 2017

UKE Yorkshire and The Humber: 1998 to 2017

UKF East Midlands: 1998 to 2017

UKG West Midlands: 1998 to 2017

UKH East of England: 1998 to 2017

UKI London: 1998 to 2017

UKJ South East: 1998 to 2017

UKK South West: 1998 to 2017

UKL Wales: 1998 to 2017

UKM Scotland

Previous versions of this data are available

UKN Northern Ireland: 1998 to 2017

Population estimates by local authority

Previous versions of this data are available

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