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  • The feasibility of measuring the UK sharing economy: October 2020 progress update (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 20 October 2020

    The challenges of analysing sharing-economy characteristics using survey responses from known sharing-economy businesses in the UK.

    Allweddeiriau: collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer, access economy, gig economy, data science

  • Index of Services, UK: August 2020 (Latest release)

    Bwletin ystadegol | Released on 9 October 2020

    Movements in the volume of output for the UK services industries. Figures are seasonally adjusted.

    Allweddeiriau: national accounts, economic growth, IOS, gross domestic product output approach, GDP(O)

  • Index of Production, UK: August 2020 (Latest release)

    Bwletin ystadegol | Released on 9 October 2020

    Movements in the volume of production for the UK production industries: manufacturing, mining and quarrying, energy supply, and water and waste management. Figures are seasonally adjusted.

    Allweddeiriau: GDP, growths, IoP, sectors, manufacturing

  • Coronavirus and the changing need for economic statistics and analysis (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 8 July 2020

    An overview of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, with a focus on economic statistics. Includes implications for our regular data collections, an explanation of the demand for new analysis, and the approach used.

    Allweddeiriau: economic statistics, coronavirus, real time indicators, labour market, business impact of coronavirus survey, economic review, economicreview, “economic review”, “economicreview”

  • Faster indicators of economic activity, UK: February 2020 (Latest release)

    Bwletin ystadegol | Released on 24 March 2020

    This is a timely release of new, faster indicators of economic activity constructed from novel data sources.

    Allweddeiriau: economy, vat, traffic, data science, big data

  • Research Output: Economic activity, faster indicators, UK: January 2020 (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 26 February 2020

    The indicators use big, closer-to-real-time datasets of activity and are available up to one month in advance of official estimates of gross domestic product.

    Allweddeiriau: economy, VAT, traffic, data science, big data

  • Comparison of motor vehicle manufacturing output statistics, UK: 1997 to 2019 (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 10 January 2020

    Comparing measures of motor vehicle manufacturing compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and published in the Index of Production (IoP) with outputs from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

    Allweddeiriau: SMMT, IoP, Index of Production, UK manufacturing, motor industry

  • Changes in the economy since the 1970s (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 2 September 2019

    This article looks at how the UK economy has changed since the 1970s, looking at the main macroeconomic variables including changes in output and the labour market.

    Allweddeiriau: GDP, Employment, Inflation, Trade, Economy

  • Services sector, UK: 2008 to 2018 (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 2 April 2019

    Changes to the UK services sector from 2008 to 2018 including the differences between public sector-dominated sections and the rest of the sector.

    Allweddeiriau: Index of Services, IoS, Public sector, financial, recession

  • Reviewing discount rates in ONS valuations (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 11 July 2018

    ONS produces valuations of a wide range of topic areas, such as the environment (natural capital), the workforce (human capital), health output, and pensions. Each of these areas applies a discount factor to convert future returns into present day values.

    Allweddeiriau: Discount, Rates, Valuations, Ramsey, Formula