1. Survey information

These questions are for Wave 109 of the fortnightly Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) dispatched on 20 May 2024. These are the most up-to-date survey questions.

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2. Trading Status of Your Business

Which of the following statements best describes your business's trading status?               

  • Currently fully trading   

  • Currently partially trading            

  • Paused trading but intends to restart in the next two weeks         

  • Paused trading and does not intend to restart in the next two weeks        

  • Permanently ceased trading

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4. Business operations

Was your business affected by industrial action in April 2024?

  • Yes, the business was affected

  • No, the business was not affected

  • Not sure

  • Not applicable

  • Prefer not to say

How was your business affected by industrial action in April 2024?

  • Business was unable to obtain necessary goods

  • Business was unable to obtain necessary services

  • Business was unable to operate fully

  • Part or all of the workforce were directly involved in industrial action

  • Workforce had to change their working location

  • Workforce were unable to perform their roles

  • Other

  • Not sure              

How much confidence does your business have that it will meet its current debt obligations?

  • High confidence

  • Moderate confidence

  • Low confidence

  • No confidence

  • Not sure

  • Business does not have any debt obligations

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Please tell us anything else about your business's current situation relating to topics covered in this survey

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