Create a population group profile is a tool for seeing how a selected population group compares to the whole population of England and Wales across a variety of measures including health, education and employment.

For example, you can define a population group like:

Or you can make your own population group profile by selecting different characteristics.

Using the profiles and data

In addition to viewing a profile within the tool, you also have the option to print the profile that you have created, and to download the data as a spreadsheet. You can do this via the “Print profile” and “Download data” buttons below the profile.

About the data

The data presented in “Create a population group profile” is derived from the Create a custom dataset service, which allows you to make your own datasets combining multiple census variables. Statistical disclosure control methods are automatically applied to this data to ensure that the confidentiality of data subjects, including individuals and households, are protected.

This tool was first published on 24 October 2023 with variables from the "all usual residents" population base. It was updated on 18 January 2024 to include additional variables from the "all usual residents in households" population base, including housing-related variables that were not included in the original tool.