11 February 2019

Series OFNN – ‘MTIC fraud trade £ million: NSA :Imports’ has been updated for 2018 due to a processing issue.

11 July 2019

Additional breakdowns of data have been published to supplement the data in the UK trade: May 2019 bulletin. These are:

SMRV - EU(2004):BOP:EX:SA:Road vehicles: SITC 78

SMSI - EU(2004):BOP:IM:SA:Road vehicles: SITC 78

SMSV - non-EU(2004):BOP:EX:SA:Road vehicles: SITC 78

SIKS - EU(2004):BOP:EX:SA:Organic chemicals:SITC 51

SILF - EU(2004):BOP:IM:SA:Organic chemicals:SITC 51

SILS - non-EU(2004):BOP:EX:SA:Organic chemicals:SITC 51

SIMF - non-EU(2004):BOP:IM:SA:Organic chemicals:SITC 51  

We apologise that these weren’t available on the date of publication.

11 November 2019

Two series have also been updated in regard to oil tonnage for August 2018 only within this release. The series updated are:

BQBH - Trade in Goods: Crude oil (33O): WW: Imports: BOP: Tons: SA

BQAX - Trade in Goods: Crude oil (33O): WW: Imports: BOP: Avg value per ton: SA.

This update was because of a processing error within the series and does not affect any other areas of this release. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Abi Casey
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11 November 2019
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10 December 2019
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Monthly value of UK exports and imports of goods and services by current price, chained volume measures and implied deflators.

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