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  • Monthly Direct Debit failure rate and average transaction amount

    Dataset | Released on 14 March 2024

    Monthly data showing the Direct Debit failure rate and average Direct Debit transaction amount in the UK. These are official statistics in development. Source: Pay.UK and Vocalink.

    Keywords: direct debit, mortgage, energy, loans, realtimeindicators

  • Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions

    Dataset | Released on 7 March 2024

    Weekly data showing the number of Companies House incorporations, voluntary dissolutions accepted, and companies placed into compulsory dissolution in the UK. These are official statistics in development. Source: Companies House.

    Keywords: Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions, realtimeindicators

  • Revolut spending on debit cards

    Dataset | Released on 1 February 2024

    Weekly and monthly data showing indices of Revolut debit card transaction data, UK. These are official statistics in development. Source: Revolut

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, retail, food and drink, entertainment, fuel, accommodation

  • Industry-to-industry payment flows, UK, experimental data and insights

    Dataset | Released on 6 December 2023

    The datasets published alongside the UK industry-to-industry payment flows, 2016 to 2023: experimental data and insights article.

    Keywords: industry to industry, direct debit, direct credit, supply chains, energy prices

  • Business insights and impact on the subnational UK economy

    Dataset | Released on 9 November 2023

    Experimental estimates from the voluntary fortnightly business survey (BICS) on topics such as trading status, financial performance, workforce and business resilience. Geographical breakdowns include country and regional levels.

    Keywords: local authority, regional, industry, hospitality, tourism, COVID 19, COVID19, corona virus

  • UK Digital Economy Research Data

    Dataset | Released on 24 May 2023

    Measures, analysis, and research into the digital economy key.

    Keywords: Digital, ICT, research, supply, use

  • Investment in flood defences in the UK

    Dataset | Released on 17 May 2023

    Dataset contains flood management expenditure data taken from reports published by the Environment Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on

    Keywords: flood, investment, environment, infrastructure

  • Wave 54 to 76 Ad-Hoc Tables: Food and Beverage breakdown for Office for National Statistics

    Dataset | Released on 8 March 2023

    Weighted estimates from the Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) about financial performance, workforce, prices, trade, and business resilience.

    Keywords: food, drink, prices, businesses, industry

  • Heathrow flight passenger data

    Dataset | Released on 12 January 2023

    Total monthly number of passengers arriving to and departing from Heathrow Airport, including both international and domestic flights.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, air traffic, aviation, air travel

  • Visits to location types using Google Mobility

    Dataset | Released on 29 September 2022

    Changes in the volume of visits to six different location types compared with a pre-coronavirus (COVID-19) baseline, using Google Mobility data.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, retail, recreation, workplaces, stations.