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We group Census 2021 data together based on who or what the information is about, for example, people or households. We make population types from these groups or subsets of them. For example, people who are usually resident in England or Wales make up the population type usual residents. Read about the measurements we used for Census 2021 data.

Select population type
Either one usual resident living alone or a group of people who share cooking and living facilities, where that group includes at least one usual resident.
A person who serves as a reference point, mainly based on economic activity, to characterise a whole household.
A usual resident who lives in a place that provides managed full-time or part-time supervision of residential accommodation such as a university hall of residence, care home or prison.
A person who usually lives in England or Wales, and in a household.
The main population base for census statistics. It includes people usually living in England and Wales and excludes non-UK born short-term residents and visitors.