Local people know more about dementia thanks to Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service (CVS)

Over a thousand local people from ethnic minority communities now know more about dementia, thanks to an awareness project run by Redbridge CVS.

As part of a project commissioned by NHS North East London and the City, Nisema Patel (Redbridge CVS’s Psychological Health Community Development Worker) and colleagues from the Living Well Resource Centre spoke to over one thousand local people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities about dementia.

Using 2011 Census population statistics, Nisema was able to ascertain that the number of Asian/Asian British residents living in Redbridge was significantly higher than that for the total population of London. Alongside this, dementia diagnosis in Redbridge has been found to be one of the lowest in the country.

2011 Census population statistics were essential in ensuring that the information was aimed at the right ethnic minority groups and provided in the most appropriate languages. Films and discussions were used across eighteen different locations across the Borough to give information about dementia symptoms and care pathways available.

As a result of this programme, many more Redbridge residents have the knowledge to decide when it is the right time to approach their GP if they have concerns about this condition affecting themselves or a loved one, as well as now having information about healthy lifestyles that may help to delay the onset of dementia and a greater awareness of the negative impacts of stigma and discrimination that can surround the subject.

About Redbridge CVS

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