The demography of the UK is changing as people are living longer, but the age and sex structure of local areas can differ greatly depending on where you are. Have a look at how your area compares with others, or the whole of the UK.

To use the tool, pick areas of interest and choose the year using the slider at the bottom. You can also see how the population has changed over time, and how it is projected to change in the next 20 years, by pressing the play button.

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  1. Data for 1998, 2008, and 2018 are based on population estimates from mid-2018. Data for 2028 and 2038 are based on projections from mid-2016. The 2028 and 2038 values for Welsh local authorities are based on projections from mid-2014.

  2. Newer country-level projections are available in our 2018-based national population projections.