This is not the latest release. View our updated edition of this page with 2021 data. The new release of this tool also includes some revised Health Index figures for the years 2015 to 2020. This means figures may differ between the publications.

The start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused widespread changes to health in England. This included a worsening of personal well-being, mortality, mental health, and economic and working conditions, but also some improvements such as reduced air pollution and crime.

We have created an index that gives every local area in England an overall health score for each of the past six years. This overall score is made up of measures in different categories, called domains and subdomains. These measures include physical and mental health conditions like diabetes or anxiety, local unemployment, road safety, and behaviours like healthy eating.

This score can show whether health in a local area is improving. The Health Index score has a baseline of 100, which represents England’s health in 2015. A score higher than 100 means that an area has better health for that measure than was average in 2015, lower than 100 means worse health than the 2015 average.

For more information on trends in England as a whole see our main bulletin on the Health Index. For further details on your local authority, see our subnational indicators explorer.

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About the data

This interactive tool is based on data from the Health Index. Since our release in March 2022, some scores for the years 2015 to 2019 have been revised under an updated methodology. This means figures may not match our previous edition of this localised tool.

Please note there may appear to be small inconsistencies in the percentages in this article due to the effects of rounding.

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