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  • Marriages in England and Wales: 2020 (Latest release)

    Bwletin ystadegol | Released on 11 May 2023

    Number of marriages that took place in England and Wales analysed by age, sex, previous partnership status and civil or religious ceremony.

    Allweddeiriau: weddings, bride, groom, same sex, marriage rates, cohabitation, most popular marriage date, Marriage data, same-sex, opposite-sex, wedding ceremony, marital status

  • Marriage and civil partnership status in England and Wales: Census 2021 (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 22 February 2023

    Details adults' legal partnership status, including: changes over time; where groups of each legal partnership status live; education; ethnicity; and, religion.

    Allweddeiriau: marital status, un-married, widow, divorce, partnership

  • Civil partnerships in England and Wales: 2021 (Latest release)

    Bwletin ystadegol | Released on 9 December 2022

    Annual statistics on formations and dissolutions of civil partnerships analysed by the sex, age, partnership type and previous marital status of the couples and the place of registration.

    Allweddeiriau: marriage, divorce, same-sex, dissolution, formation

  • Marriage and divorce on the rise at 65 and over (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 18 July 2017

  • What's the best time for a wedding? (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 26 August 2016

    Allweddeiriau: People, population and community, Marriages

  • 2011 Census analysis: What does the 2011 Census tell us about Inter-ethnic Relationships? (Latest release)

    Erthygl | Released on 3 July 2014

    We examine couples (either married, in a civil partnership, or cohabiting) who each identify with a different ethnic group. This analysis explores some of the different factors that may affect the number of inter-ethnic relationships, including ethnic group, gender, age, type of relationship and dependent children. Exploring inter-ethnic relationships provides further insight into the patterns and trends of an increasingly ethnically diverse population. In 2011 nearly 1 in 10 people who were living as part of a couple were in an inter-ethnic relationship, an increase from 2001.

    Allweddeiriau: ethnic group, mixed identities, multiple identities, mixed ethnic households