Methodology related to teuluoedd

  • Families and households QMI

    Methodoleg | Released on 18 May 2023

    Quality and methodology information for families and households estimates, detailing strengths and limitations of the data, methods, and data uses and users.

    Allweddeiriau: married, cohabiting, same-sex, families, single

  • The Gini coefficient

    Methodoleg | Released on 26 April 2022

    The most widely used summary measure of inequality in the distribution of household income is the Gini coefficient.
  • Families and households

    Gwybodaeth am ansawdd a methodoleg | Revised on 4 November 2016

    Number of families and dependent children by family type including married couples, cohabiting couples and lone parents. Also shows household size and people living alone.

    Allweddeiriau: private households,children,social survey,same sex,living alone