Methodology related to marwolaethau

  • Excess winter mortality in England and Wales QMI

    Methodoleg | Released on 11 June 2015

    Research suggest there is Excess Winter Mortality (EWM) in England and Wales compared with other European countries with colder climates. To measure this excess, each year we calculate the number of excess winter deaths and the EWM index.

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  • Birth Cohort Tables for Infant Deaths QMI

    Methodoleg | Released on 10 March 2015

    Infant deaths that have been linked to their corresponding birth record for infants born in a given calendar year.

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  • Deaths involving MRSA: Wales QMI

    Methodoleg | Released on 3 October 2014

    Deaths involving MRSA presents statistics on the number of deaths and mortality rates where MRSA is mentioned on the death certificate. The data are broken down by sex, age group and place of death.

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  • Deaths involving clostridium difficile: Wales QMI

    Methodoleg | Released on 3 October 2014

    C. difficile is a spore forming bacterium, it can cause diarrhoea and severe inflammation of the bowel. Vulnerable people and people being treated with antibiotics are at the highest risk of getting C. difficile. It is normally spread on the hands of healthcare staff of other people that have been in contact with an infected patient.

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  • Unexplained deaths in infancy: England and Wales QMI

    Gwybodaeth am ansawdd a methodoleg | Revised on 6 August 2014

    Our database of unexplained deaths in infancy is used to create the annual bulletin Unexplained deaths in infancy in England and Wales. It includes sudden infant deaths and infant deaths where the causes remained unascertained after a full investigation.

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  • Mortality statistics in England and Wales QMI

    Gwybodaeth am ansawdd a methodoleg | Revised on 18 July 2018

    Mortality statistics represent the number of deaths registered in a particular reference period. They are based on the details collected when deaths are certified and registered.

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