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  • Dementia and all-cause mortality and deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19), England

    Dataset | Released on 14 April 2023

    Age-standardised mortality rates, hazard ratios, and leading cause analysis exploring risk of all-cause mortality, death involving and not involving coronavirus (COVID-19) by dementia diagnosis.

    Keywords: coronavirus, mental health, social care, mortality, dementia

  • Deaths registered summary statistics, England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 11 April 2023

    Number of deaths registered by year, sex, area of usual residence and selected underlying cause of death.
  • Deaths from suicide that occurred in England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 5 April 2023

    Number of suicides and suicide rates broken down by sex, age, month, and method in England and Wales, that occurred between 2013 and 2021.

    Keywords: deaths, pandemic, self-harm, suicidal

  • Impact of registration delays on mortality statistics

    Dataset | Released on 5 April 2023

    Data for England and Wales on the time taken to register deaths by cause of death, age, sex, certification type and area of usual residence. Includes analysis on infant deaths.

    Keywords: deaths, registration delays, death registrations, death occurence, mortality

  • Risk of death following COVID-19 vaccination or positive SARS-CoV-2 test in young people, England

    Dataset | Released on 27 March 2023

    Estimates of the risk of all-cause and cardiac death in the 12 weeks after vaccination or positive SARS-CoV-2 test compared with subsequent weeks for people aged 12 to 29 years in England using two sources of mortality data: ONS death registrations and deaths recorded in Hospital Episode Statistics. 8 December 2020 to 25 May 2022. Experimental Statistics.

    Keywords: mortality, vaccination, vaccine safety, covidvaccines

  • Excess deaths in England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 9 March 2023

    Number of excess deaths, including deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and due to other causes. Including breakdowns by age, sex and geography.

    Keywords: covid-19, excess mortality, mortality, deaths

  • COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness estimated using Census 2021 variables

    Dataset | Released on 8 March 2023

    Estimates of the risk of hospital admission for coronavirus (COVID-19) and death involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, in England, using anonymised linked data from Census 2021. Vaccine effectiveness estimates are given for the whole study population and stratified by age groups. Experimental Statistics.

    Keywords: mortality, COVID-19, hospitalisation, vaccine effectiveness

  • Infant mortality (birth cohort) tables in England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 1 March 2023

    Annual statistics on births and infant deaths based on babies born in a calendar year that died before their first birthday linked to their corresponding birth notification and their corresponding death registration.

    Keywords: neonatal, postneonatal, deaths under one year, mortality rate, death rate

  • Child mortality (death cohort) tables in England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 1 March 2023

    Live births, stillbirths and linked infant deaths occurring annually in England and Wales, and associated risk factors.

    Keywords: deaths under one year, neonatal, postneonatal, mortality rate, death rate

  • Deaths registered by area of usual residence, UK

    Dataset | Released on 24 February 2023

    Annual data on death registrations by area of usual residence in the UK. Summary tables including age-standardised mortality rates.

    Keywords: population, unitary authorities, counties, districts, crude death