Methodology related to public sector personnel

  • Public sector employment QMI

    Methodology | Released on 24 July 2018

    Quality and Methodology Information report detailing the methods behind the Public sector employment (PSE) release. PSE is the official measure of people employed in the UK public sector, including private sector estimates. Data are released on a quarterly basis in the form of a statistical bulletin.

    Keywords: QMI, PSE, Quality, Methodology, Employment

  • Civil Service Statistics QMI

    Methodology | Released on 24 November 2017

    A complete census of the Civil Service, with a 100% response rate since the survey began in 2007. includes all staff in post and all civil servants who left the civil service during the 12 month period reference period. replaced the Mandate Collection, previously run by Cabinet Office (CO), in 2007.

    Keywords: employment, employee, earning