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The WAS user guidance portfolio includes detailed variable descriptions, key facts including respondent counts, background and methodology of the survey and the WAS definitions.

WAS - user guidance

The WAS review follows the production processes of the WAS, considering the efficiency and quality aspects of each area. At the time of the review, data from the first 2 waves of the survey was available for analysis. Each area of the production process has been detailed, both in terms of what has been done in waves to date, improvements being implemented at the time of the review and consideration of any future improvements required. It provides a record of the assessments made and forms a comprehensive technical document of WAS procedure.

There are 2 sources of National Statistics that produce estimates of wealth: the WAS, produced by the Office for National Statistics, and personal wealth statistics produced by the HM Revenue & Customs. Both sets of data use the term “wealth”, but differ in the methodologies and definitions used in the compilation of their estimates. This note highlights the main differences between the 2 sources and advises on the use of each source, depending on the purpose of the analysis being carried out.

An infographic explaining how the Wealth and Assets Survey measures household wealth is available.

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