1. AF.8 – Other accounts receivable or payable


This note explains the sources and methods used in the compilation of the experimental from-whom-to-whom other accounts receivable or payable statistics. Table 1 shows the estimates for balance sheet assets by sector. Because of quality issues mapping the counterparty sector that holds the liability, we have only included sector totals for 2018. These data are consistent with the UK Economic Accounts 2019 Q2 (UKEA), on a Blue Book 2019 basis, except where explicitly highlighted. The second part of this note describes the data sources for these estimates, as well as highlighting areas for review.

We will continue the programme of development and quality assurance of these newly released experimental from-whom-to-whom statistics and any improvements identified in the wider datasets will be integrated within the national accounts at the earliest opportunity.

We welcome feedback on the data sources and methods outlined in these notes. Any feedback on the statistics and accompanying explanatory notes can be sent to flowoffundsdevelopment@ons.gov.uk.

Areas for review

Because of quality issues with the counterpart mapping, for the 2019 article we have used the Unknown sector as counterpart for all sectors. Improvements have been made to identify the counterpart sectors for the forthcoming release of Experimental Statistics on 26 November 2019, and these will be incorporated into the article update in 2020.

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