07 June 2018

An error has been identified in the industry ‘Rubber & Plastic Products’ within ‘Other manufactured products’ for Output Producer Prices published on 23 May 2018 (notice posted on Producer price inflation, UK: April 2018). The indicative impact of this error is that it increased the Output Producer Prices annual rate by 0.3 percentage points, on average, for December 2017 to April 2018. This has affected Figure 1 of the Prices economic commentary and the reference table Contributions to the 12-month rate of output PPI. Previous Prices economic commentaries and reference tables are unaffected by this error.

16 October 2018

This page is no longer in use and the data here has since been updated. For the correct output PPI contributions data please go to: Output and input producer price inflation: contributions to the 12-month rates

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19 September 2018
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About this Dataset

A longer time series of the contributions to output producer price inflation.

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