17 December 2018

We have discovered that the methodology we have used to break balanced gross value added (GVA) estimates down from NUTS2 to NUTS3 level produces different results when applied to the detailed industry composition and to the components of income. We believe the industry composition is the stronger version, since it uses a more granular make-up and a virtual census of administrative data to inform the allocation. We have therefore rationalised the total GVA and GVA per head estimates at NUTS3 level to use the industry-based version, and we have withdrawn the components of income from the NUTS3 dataset. If you have an interest in the income components at this level of geography, you can still find them in the GVA (income) tables published as part of this release.

This only affects NUTS3-level data, and only the data published in the nominal GVA per head and income components tables. There is no impact at NUTS1, NUTS2, local authority or other bespoke area levels. There is no impact on the detailed industry data in nominal and real terms published in the nominal and real GVA by industry tables. This change also affects the GVA per head figures quoted in bullet point 8 and in Table 7 and Figure 2 of the bulletin. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change.

Trevor Fenton
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12 December 2018
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December 2019

About this Dataset

Annual estimates of balanced UK regional gross value added (GVA). Current prices, GVA per head and annual growth for NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 areas, with a broad industry breakdown and income components.

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