1. Introduction

In September 2014, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published revised figures for the UK National Accounts, and Balance of Payments, consistent with Blue Book and Pink Book 2014. These revisions reflected significant changes to the international standards adopted by all European Union (EU) member states as well as other improvements designed to ensure that the UK National Accounts and Balance of Payments continue to provide a reliable framework for analysing the UK economy and comparing it with other countries. As a result there are presentational changes to the tables in United Kingdom National Accounts: The Blue Book 2014 tables (204.8 Kb ZIP).

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2. Overall structure of Blue Book 2014

The structure of the Blue Book 2014 will remain broadly similar to previous editions.

The key changes are:

  • inclusion of new transactions codes and associated four letter identifiers (CDIDs) required under ESA 2010 and BPM6,

  • re-naming of transactions required under ESA 2010 and BPM6,

  • removal of five tables (A, 1.7A, 1.7B, 1.7C and 1.7D),

  • Flow of Funds data will be presented in Chapter 14 of Blue Book as a series of tables which measure the net acquisition of financial assets and liabilities by sector. Although these data are already included in the Blue Book publication the data are being introduced in a new format within this chapter based on user requirements and with a long-term plan to expand the coverage of the data to include the necessary counterparty information.

The presentation of a number of tables will change including additional titles, changes to titles, additional series, the removal of series and changes to coding. A matrix provides details of all the table changes (204.8 Kb ZIP).

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3 .Background notes

  1. Details of the policy governing the release of new data are available by visiting www.statisticsauthority.gov.uk/assessment/code-of-practice/index.html or from the Media Relations Office email: media.relations@ons.gov.uk

    These National Statistics are produced to high professional standards and released according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

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