Corrections and notices


14 January 2020

We identified an error in labelling of the revenue tables, affecting Immigration Skills Charge and Soft Drinks Industry Levy, which were incorrectly labelled as Apprenticeship Levy and Immigration Skills Charge, respectively. The dataset has been corrected and affected all countries and regions of the UK.


28 June 2019

We have identified a processing error that has led to Air Passenger Duty (APD) estimates for the East of England and the South East of England being too high, for the period financial year ending (FYE) 2000 to FYE 2018. Correcting downward the APD timeseries in these two regions is offset by increases in all other countries and regions as the UK APD total is unaffected.  

The revisions to APD result in changes to the country and regional aggregates for taxes on production, total current receipts, saving, current budget balance and net fiscal balance; UK totals are not impacted. None of the revisions materially impact the main points or trends highlighted in the publication. 

Corrected APD estimates and aggregates are provided in the dataset section of this publication. The text, charts and tables within this bulletin are based on previous estimates; all charts, tables and datasets will be fully updated during the next publication.  

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20 December 2019
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