1. Overview

Environmental accounts are used nationally and internationally, primarily by governments, development organisations and researchers, to inform sustainable development policy, to evaluate the environmental impacts of different sectors of the economy, and to highlight the importance of natural resources to the economy. The following pages provide information and guidance on the methodology underpinning the UK’s production of environmental accounts. For further information please email: environment.accounts@ons.gov.uk.

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2. Environmental accounts: improvements

The environmental accounts are constantly being reviewed and improved. A full list of the improvement articles can be found on the “Improvements” page.

Improvements to environmental accounts, May 2014 (101.1 Kb Pdf)

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3. Environmental accounts: natural resources

Background notes on natural resources and the production of the data used in the environmental accounts.

Monetary valuation of UK continental shelf oil and gas reserves (experimental) (73.8 Kb Pdf)
Land cover (13.1 Kb Pdf)
UK continental shelf oil and gas reserves (178 Kb Pdf)
Physical and economic accounts for UK fisheries (149.3 Kb Pdf)

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6. Environmental accounts: glossaries and descriptions

Glossary of terms and classifications regarding environmental accounts.

Fuel type descriptions (7.1 Kb Pdf)
Glossary of economic terms (7.8 Kb Pdf)
Glossary of atmospheric pollutants (51.5 Kb Pdf)

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