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These weighted tables are the percentage of the workforce on sick leave or not working due to coronavirus (COVID-19), self-isolation or quarantine, broken down by a combination of 2-digit SICs that were not published in the weighted Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) Wave 23 results.

The breakdown of 2 digit SICS can be found on the tab "2 Digit SIC".

Please note, as part of our regular and ongoing quality assessment of our methods we have introduced improved methods to the weighting of smaller businesses within the Business Insights and Conditions Survey (BICS) sample where we use employment and turnover to do so. In the main, previous findings remain unaffected, there are, however, revisions to estimates for certain variables.

The survey was sent to around 39,000 UK businesses, and results presented in this release are based on a limited number of responses, around 22.5% (8,764) of all businesses surveyed who responded.


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