These plans detail the analysis we plan to publish on the topic of education in the first year of the Census 2021 analysis programme, and the proposals we are considering publishing in following years. We will provide updates to these plans resulting from user feedback, and further research and testing of the data. We will provide article publication dates on our release calendar in "Upcoming releases". We intend to confirm publication releases four weeks before publication. We will update this page with links to articles when they are published.

Publications in 2023

How workforce qualification levels differ across England and Wales: Census 2021
Article | Published 17 February 2023
Find out more about how the qualification levels of local labour forces indicate an area’s ability to create, attract and retain highly qualified workers. Explore your local area and compare its ranking to the rest of England and Wales.

How qualification levels across England and Wales differ by country of birth
Article | Published 15 May 2023
International migrants are more likely than UK-born residents to hold higher education qualifications, but this varies considerably by country of birth.

The variation in worker qualification levels between different industries in England and Wales
Article | Published 14 August 2023
To analyse the variation in qualification levels held across different industries. With reference to the levelling up agenda and industry skill needs or shortages.

Qualification level by age, sex and disability

This analysis will examine the variations in the levels of qualifications that people hold across different ages, sexes, and disability statuses. It will be set in the context of the United Nations' (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and their universal value "Leave no one behind".

Educational mismatch

This analysis will focus on qualification differences in occupation groups. It will investigate the proportion of people who appear under-qualified or over-qualified in specific occupations, when compared with the average qualification level for those occupations. It will also identify the occupations where this occurs the most.

Proposed publications for 2024 and beyond

Qualification levels by ethnicity – exploring the differences

This analysis will examine how the differences in the levels of qualifications that people hold across the ethnic categories in England and Wales relate to factors such as demographic characteristics, language skills and international migration. It will be set in the context of the United Nations' (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and their universal value "Leave no one behind."

Qualification by home ownership and other types of tenure

This analysis will focus on variations in home ownership and other forms of tenure by highest qualification level.

Qualifications by health status

This analysis will look at the census questions about general health and disability, by highest qualification level.

Income by qualification level

This analysis will compare the relationship between average income estimates from admin-based income statistics with information from Census 2021 about average qualification levels. This analysis will be done from local level up to national level across England and Wales.

Generational social mobility

This analysis will assess whether patterns of educational attainment are influenced by the level of qualifications of a parent(s) or caregiver(s). We will provide this analysis by combining Census 2021 data with other data sources. These sources may include:

  • the Office for National Statistics' Longitudinal Study
  • the Department for Education
  • Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
  • the Department for Work and Pensions

Effect of no qualifications on life chances

This analysis will focus on the long-term association between having no formal qualifications on factors such as:

  • employment opportunities
  • health
  • housing tenure
  • internal migration

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