A variety of approaches were used to reach the whole population, and to increase participation among some groups of people and achieve a high return rate for all areas:

  1. Pre-addressed questionnaires posted out to all households using a specially developed national address register.

  2. Co-operation with local groups included local authorities and regional, community and neighbourhood groups. A dedicated website supported stakeholder engagement in the build up to the census period.

  3. Publicity a branded, national publicity campaign included TV and radio advertising, billboards, trade press and magazine partnerships.

  4. Return online or by post - householders and residents in communal establishments had a choice of submitting questionnaires online or by post.

Support for the public through:

  • dedicated websites during the census period for the awareness campaign and the online questionnaire including advice and guidance for completing the questionnaire

  • an online accessibility support providing video and audio assistance, in English and Welsh, for people who are visually impaired or deaf

  • a multi-lingual telephone helpline