The report 'The 2011 Census: Final questionnaire content for England and Wales' details the process to develop the recommended content of the 2011 Census questionnaire.

Throughout 2009 and 2010, ONS published its final recommendations along with explanations of the research and testing methodologies.

Publication of the White Paper provided the opportunity for parliamentary scrutiny and public debate. Some concerns were raised after the White Paper was published. In response, ONS identified a small number of issues for further investigation and evidence gathering.

ONS conducted additional development and testing of the questions about student addresses, religion and citizenship, along with further testing of the ethnic group question, looking at the effect of including a Kashmiri tick box. The final question recommendation papers were updated to reflect the outcome of this testing.

Parliament made the final decisions on the questions to be asked in the 2011 Census. The Census Order, which includes details about the questions, was laid before Parliament in October 2009. The census questionnaires form part of the Census Regulations which were approved by Parliament in spring 2010.