• A General Report has traditionally been produced for every census since 1861 to summarise each census operation and report .

The 2011 Census General Report

The report summarises the entire census operation spanning ten years, from the early consultation, legislation and planning stages, through the field activities and data processing - including the data capture and coding of questionnaires and the full adjustment of census counts - to the production and dissemination of outputs, and the evaluations.

Additional 2011 Census evaluation reports available to download:

Online questionnaire (1.28 Mb Pdf)

Interim evaluation of the analysis work programme (189.3 Kb Pdf)

Legislation and Parliamentary Liaison (170.2 Kb Pdf)

Address Register (170.8 Kb Pdf)

Address Register Annex B: Diagram of address register development (24.9 Kb Pdf)

Address Register Annex C: Household address register data by local authority (76.5 Kb Excel sheet)

Local Authority Engagement (426.7 Kb Pdf)

Summary Report on the 2011 Census in England and Wales (345 Kb Pdf)

Census Coverage Survey (137.9 Kb Pdf)

Field Operations (754.4 Kb Pdf)

Coverage Assessment and Adjustment (172.3 Kb Pdf)

Item edit and imputation (819.4 Kb Pdf)

Providing the online census (199.1 Kb Pdf)

Internet take-up rates, provisional (4.97 Mb Excel sheet) and final (with country totals) (4.2 Mb Excel sheet)

Taking the census in Wales (English) (366.2 Kb Pdf)

Cynnal y cyfrifiad yng Nghymru (Cymraeg) - Taking the census in Wales (Welsh) (364.9 Kb Pdf)

2011 Census English/Welsh terms (684.5 Kb Pdf)

2011 Census Quality Assurance Methodology (1.07 Mb Pdf)

2011 Census - Household Response Rates by Lower Layer Super Output Area (LSOA) (5.9 MB xls)