• Additional information for variables and categories.

  • Details data corrections to UK censuses data provided to Eurostat for inclusion in the (European level) Census Hub.

This product is the UK contribution towards a European Union (EU) project to create comparable 2011 census statistics from across the EU.

The results of this project are available freely from the EU’s Census Hub, a web service provided by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

See our release page outlining the UK contribution.

Variable definitions

To ensure comparability, each member state was required to use the same pre-defined set of variables. View extra information on how these variables have been produced for the UK.

Quality reporting

To ensure transparency, each member state was required to provide a quality report. This report includes definitions, legal acts covering the collection of the census, confidentiality policies, and a list of statistics that have been published from the census so far. Download the UK quality report (807.9 Kb Pdf).

UK collaboration

The Office for National Statistics has worked closely with its partners, the National Records of Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, to produce statistics covering the UK.


All domestic census data for the UK’s constituent countries have been protected against the identification of individuals. Further protection has been built into the Eurostat data, with all outputs rounded to the nearest five.