The 2011 Census variable and classification information document includes information about each variable used in the statistics - by table number as well as by variable - including definitions, source question, derivation, population covered and comparability with 2001.

This document will be subject to further updates as additional 2011 Census data is released.

Part 1 – Variable and classification (123.1 Kb Pdf) - contains an introduction to the documents.

Part 2 – Datasets (763.5 Kb Pdf) - provides information about the tables released to date including the table number, title, table population and the variables used in that table.

Part 3 – Standard variables(400.6 Kb Pdf) - contains detailed information about standard variables (these relate directly to a single question as it appeared on the census questionnaire.)

Part 4 – Derived variables (683.8 Kb Pdf) - contains similar information to Part 3 but for derived variables. These are variables that do not relate directly to a single question as it appeared on the census questionnaire but have been calculated from the answers provided to other questions.

Part 5 – Further information (78.9 Kb Pdf) - contains information and links to additional material to help users understand the tables.

Part 6 - Classifications (404.4 Kb Pdf) - contains the full classifications for some of the larger variables, for example Country of Birth.

Annex A:

Write-in response groupings (597.5 Kb Excel sheet)

When information is processed from the census questionnaires, write-in responses are given unique codes. However, it's not possible for the standard tables to show the full breakdown. Therefore written-in responses are aggregated into higher categories in certain tables. This file gives those groupings and breakdowns for the following tables:

Ethnic group

  • CT0010EW

  • QS211EW

  • KS201EW

Country of birth

  • QS203EW

  • QS213EW

  • KS204EW

Main language

  • QS204EW


  • QS212EW

  • KS205EW


  • QS210EW

  • KS209EW

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