Systematic and continuous review formed a fundamental part of the 2001 Census programme. Each stage of the planning and implementation process was subject to rigorous analysis and evaluation and the findings formed an essential part of the metadata collected. The main reasons for Census 2001 evaluation were to:

  • inform users of issues surrounding data collection and processing to assist them in interpreting data

  • address the need for public accountability

  • signpost the potential for change in planning towards 2011

  • to learn and inform in the wider ONS context

Consultation with interested parties also formed part of the evaluation process.

Evaluation reports include:

  • evaluations for each census project (including executive summaries)

  • specific issues on key cross-project themes such as Security & Confidentiality

  • the pulling together of key findings

  • a General Report providing details on all aspects of the census operation

  • a Quality Report bringing together all available information on data quality

An additional report relating specifically to Welsh issues was also produced.

All reports are available to download in PDF format.