26 January 2024

We have identified an error in estimates of imports of services from Bahrain and United Arab Emirates in 2021. This affects data for these two series in table 2. The data for these series will be corrected in our July 2024 release in line with the National Accounts revisions policy: As an indicative estimate of the impact, we anticipate that when these series are corrected, imports of services from Bahrain will decrease by around £0.2bn for each quarter in 2021, with imports of services from the United Arab Emirates increasing by around £0.2bn for each quarter in 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

28 May 2024

Please note that the corrections for the series outlined in the notice below will now be made in our October 2024 release. This is due to the UK National Accounts, The Blue Book: 2024 scheduled for 31 July 2024 being moved to 31 October 2024; more detail on this change can be found in the notice accompanying the National Accounts Revisions Policy.

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    26 April 2024
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Quarterly estimates of total trade in services by country, non-seasonally adjusted.

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