1. Introduction

Overview of Project and Survey

The Purchases Survey Project has been established to plan and manage the reintroduction of the Purchases Survey. The survey aims to improve the current estimates of industries’ intermediate consumption by product in accordance to the changing needs of ESA10 and BPM6. This will help ensure that the UK National Accounts meet the EU best practice criteria. The Purchases Survey will not only help address the requirement set by the EU but will also serve to meet strong user demand for up-to-date purchasing patterns for industries. The Purchases Survey aims to collect information on company’s intermediate consumption.

Intermediate Consumption

Intermediate consumption consists of goods and services consumed as inputs by a process of production. The goods and services are either transformed or used up by the production process. This includes raw materials, power and fuel, rental on buildings and business services such as advertising, recruitment consultancy and cleaning. It specifically excludes fixed assets or capital investment, staff costs and goods bought for resale without further processing.

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2. Purchases Progress and Timetable

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3. Annual Purchases Survey User engagement and survey management

The purpose of the Purchases Survey External Stakeholder Working Groups is to ensure early engagement and continued involvement of stakeholders in the reinstatement of the Purchases Survey.

External Stakeholder Working Group Terms of Reference (89.7 Kb Pdf)

5 August 2014

Agenda (152.8 Kb Pdf)
Minutes (108.9 Kb Pdf)
Papers (300.2 Kb Pdf)

3 October 2014

Agenda (58.9 Kb Pdf)
Minutes (108.7 Kb Pdf)
Papers - 1 (762.8 Kb Pdf)
Papers - 2 (74.1 Kb Pdf)

18 February 2015

Agenda (629 Kb Pdf)
Minutes (148.8 Kb Pdf)
Papers - 1 (81.1 Kb Pdf)
Papers - 2 (135.9 Kb Pdf)
Papers - 3 (74.1 Kb Pdf)

6 May 2015


22 September 2015


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