1. Outputs approval in the IDS

The IDS will use new technology to make getting outputs approved quicker and easier. The IDS is a Trusted Research Environment (TRE), accredited under the Digital Economy Act (DEA) and to achieve accreditation, must set out how it plans to operate. If the output checking processes currently in place for SRS users remains necessary, we would expect outputs in the IDS to remain similar to those in the SRS, with a view to improving and streamlining processes as the new service develops.

User feedback is ongoing to shape the outputs service and respond to user need when developing the IDS. Further information will be communicated to all users as the service develops.

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2. Dissemination

The intention of the dissemination arm of the IDS is to make sharing outputs more flexible among policy colleagues. Further details about the dissemination processes for the IDS will be made available as this is developed.

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3. Contact us for support

If the information you are looking for does not already exist on these pages, you can contact the SRS Customer Support team for more information by email at srs.customer.support@ons.gov.uk.

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