1. Introduction

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) Secure Research Service (SRS) gives accredited or approved researchers secure access to de-identified, unpublished data to work on research projects for the public good. We know that many people rely on access to the SRS for research, to support rapid policy analysis and complete wider research.

Building on the success of the SRS, the Integrated Data Service (IDS) is a new government-wide initiative, which will create a step change in the way data about our society and economy are made available for vital research and decision making in the UK. The IDS intends to create a central hub of high-quality accessible data, critical for driving efficiency and improving public service. The service is a key enabler of the Governments National Data Strategy and modernisation agenda and will provide access to data sets from a range of sources, across government departments and devolved administrations, presented alongside analytical and visualisation tools in a secure multi-cloud infrastructure.

The IDS is a cross-government service, with the ONS acting as the lead delivery partner. The service is designed for use by government analysts, devolved administrations, and external accredited researchers, and is optimised for government use.

For more information please visit the IDS website at Integrated Data Service.

The Integrated Data Service is keen to engage with the wider research community. If you would like the team to present an introductory piece to you and your colleagues, or have any questions about the service, please email: IDS.Comms@ons.gov.uk.

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2. SRS to IDS Transition

The Secure Research Service (SRS) to the Integrated Data Service (IDS) transition team is committed to providing regular and timeline updates on how the transition is progressing for all interested parties. This information will help SRS users understand more about what the transition means for them.

This section of the website will be updated regularly to keep users updated. You can navigate each section to find the information you need. Please check regularly for more information.

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3. Contacting us for support

Users will be contacted directly to advise when they will be transitioned and how this will impact them. If you have any questions, please look here on the website, before contacting Customer Support with any questions.

You can contact us at SRS.Engagement.team@ons.gov.uk.

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