1. Outputs, Ingests and Transfers

  • An Output is any material a researcher wants to remove from their SRS project to outside of the SRS platform.

  • An ingest is any material a researcher wants to add to their SRS project from outside of the SRS platform. 

  • A Transfer is any material a researcher wants to copy from one SRS project to another.

Researchers wanting to Output, Ingest, or Transfer any work from their Secure Research Service (SRS) project, will need to prepare the files for action, complete a request form, and submit a request to the SRS. 

The 'Instructions and Guidance for Output, Ingest and Transfer Requests' document (available in 'Related downloads' at the top of this page) provides detailed guidance and instructions on the processes.

Note that for all requests:

  • All projects featuring in a request must remain 'live' (i.e. have started and not yet ended) whilst the request is being actioned.

  • Only those named as a 'Researcher' on a given project are permitted to make such requests. 

  • The SRS complete all researcher requests as quickly as possible, but we recommend that researchers submit requests as far in advance of requirement as possible.

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2. Current SRS Software

As of 14/05/24:

• Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
• Anaconda 4,4
• Python 3.7.6
• ArcGIS 10.4.1
• ArcMap 10.4.1
• Jupyter Notebook
• Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021
• ML-Win (3.04)
• Notepad++
• Qtconsole
• R for Windows (3.6.1, 4.0.2, 4.3)
• R Studio (2022.07.2)
• SAS v9.3
• SPSS v29
• Spyder 4
• STATA (16MP, 17SE)
• Winzip
• MPlus 8 Demo
• SQL Server Management Studio
• Java Development Kit

Work on-going to upgrade to R 4.4 and STATA 18.

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3. Contact details

You can contact the Secure Research Service (SRS) Customer Support team for more information by email srs.customer.support@ons.gov.uk.

If you require initial log on credentials or a password reset, please contact by telephone on +44 1329 447871 between the hours of 9am and 11am and 1pm and 3pm.

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