1. Introduction

In addition to the tables published, bespoke analyses may be commissioned independently.

Bespoke analyses will be issued to the requesting customer under an Open Government Licence (OGL) by the provision of a link to a URL on the Office for National Statistics website and are then available free to all other users.

Nôl i'r tabl cynnwys

2. Charging rates

The cost of the commissioned output reflects the amount of time taken to develop the analyses and undertake all necessary processes in respect of quality and disclosure control. The charges reflect the Full Economic Costs associated with the delivery of the service.

Price bands have been identified to give customers an indication of the cost of analyses. However, the final cost will be agreed with the customer prior to any work commencing.

Each business area will confirm the timescales for delivery of the request, and this will start on receipt of written acceptance of the quote, except in exceptional circumstances.

The price bands (excluding VAT) are set out in the following table:

 Band  Time to produce table  Charge (excluding VAT)
 A  Up to one hour  Free
 B  Up to half a day  £175
 C  Up to one day  £350
 D  Up to one and a half days  £525
 E  Up to two days  £700
 F  Up to two and a half days  £875
 G  Up to three days  £1050
 H  More than three days  Price on request

All charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Additional advice and guidance may be obtained from the business areas.

Charges are effective from July 2023.

Nôl i'r tabl cynnwys