About the project

The Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit (PPT) is a new five-year project (2023 to 2028), funded by Wellcome, which aims to co-create an accessible, sustainable toolkit that will help countries with health surveillance in the event of future pandemics.

The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) will build on their own pandemic surveillance and statistical leadership expertise, and work closely with three low-and middle-income country (LMIC) Pathfinder Partners to develop the toolkit. Collaborations are also planned with other national statistical offices (NSOs), academics and other non-governmental organisations, to ensure that the toolkit reaches its full potential.

The ONS’s health analysis and pandemic activities provided accurate and methodologically sound data, enabling epidemiologists to determine the optimal response. This project will be the first of its kind to provide a resource specifically designed for NSOs to conduct trusted infectious disease surveillance and work effectively with public health offices to implement evidence-based policies. Once live, the PPT will be a collection of resources providing practical guidance, statistical methods, knowledge products, case studies and training materials. Overall, the PPT will support NSOs and public health offices to prepare for future pandemics across the globe.

The final toolkit will be freely accessible, usable and sustainable, meaning all interested parties will be able to benefit from its resources.

Project timeline

Following the project start in April 2023, Year 1 focuses on capturing pandemic “Lessons Learnt” and forming a global network and partnerships to inform the toolkit design. During Years 2 to 4, the toolkit will be developed, tested and iterated through a collaborative approach. The final year will focus on promotion, training and securing a sustainable long-term solution for the toolkit by project completion in March 2028.

About our funder

This project is led by the Office for National Statistics and funded by Wellcome.


To contact the Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit project, please email: PPT@ons.gov.uk

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