About this programme

The Corporate Systems Improvement Programme (CSIP) is about modernising and future-proofing ONS corporate systems and processes.

The programme brings together change initiatives from across corporate services. This enables us to take an ONS-wide approach to identifying, designing and implementing system improvements that are focused on the needs of our users.

The programme also provides oversight to effectively plan and manage the volume of change, and balance this against our delivery needs.


The programme has four main objectives.

Corporate systems harmonisation and rationalisation

We will deepen our understanding of the systems and technology needed to support our corporate services - both now and in the future. We will do this through analysing our business's needs and challenges, and carrying out research with our users and stakeholders.

We will use this knowledge to design and implement more integrated infrastructure. This will lead to more efficient processes across the business, including data transfer.

Business process re-engineering

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is at the centre of this programme. We will comprehensively review important business processes across all functions within corporate services. This will enable us to identify opportunities to streamline and automate, where appropriate.

We will implement sustainable business processes that are standardised and aligned to global design principles and functional standards. We will ensure that consistency and sustainability are built into our approach.    

Corporate data governance

We will establish a corporate data governance framework to ensure more consistent corporate data management practices. We will also put in place appropriate and robust mechanisms to safeguard corporate data and support regulatory compliance.    

Actionable insight

We will improve the quality and accessibility of corporate data to unlock the full potential of management information (MI). We will do this through enriched reporting and integrated insight.

We believe this will encourage debate, and support evidence-based decision-making at every level of the organisation.   

Further information

This programme will be evaluated in line with the ONS Evaluation Strategy.