What these reports tell you

These reports explain the methods we're using to produce the research outputs.

Research Outputs: Coverage-adjusted administrative data population estimates for England and Wales, 2011

This paper demonstrates how we've used Census and administrative data from 2011 to explore two approaches for estimating the population. These are dual-system estimation and weighting classes estimation.

Methodology of Statistical Population Dataset (SPD) V2.0

This includes how we're transforming linked administrative and survey data into statistical outputs to meet important information needs of our users. We've published the outputs of our research using information on the size of the population.

Producing census-type outputs from an administrative data census: a discussion paper

This discussion paper sets out the basis for future research into how we'll produce outputs for population characteristics by combining a number of different types of data sources. We've published the outputs of our research so far on the population characteristics.


These Research Outputs are not official statistics on the population, nor are they used in the underlying methods or assumptions in the production of official statistics. Rather they are published as outputs from research into a methodology different to that currently used in the production of population statistics.

It is important that the information and research presented with each release is read alongside the outputs to aid interpretation and avoid misunderstanding. These outputs must not be reproduced without this disclaimer.