• We will continue to reduce our use of manual processes, legacy systems and tools.

  • We will embed sustainable RAP capability in analytical teams who are producing or supporting statistical outputs.

  • We will support managers to seek opportunities to implement RAPs in their business areas and work with central support teams to build capability and transform manual workflows.

  • A prioritised list of RAP transformation projects for 2023.


As part of the Analysis Function Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAP) strategy, public sector organisations must publish how they will meet the goals of the strategy. This page sets out how the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will work towards implementation of the strategy during 2023. This plan will be updated at the end of 2023 to evaluate our progress and outline our activities for 2024.

The ONS aims to meet the goals of the strategy through achieving the right tools, the right capability and the right culture. In the linked pages, we explain what we have achieved so far and how we will further meet these objectives. We also explain how we will prioritise RAP transformation projects in the ONS.

For more information on RAP, please read the strategy, blog posts and case studies.