The UK Statistics Authority will:

  • achieve continual improvement in environmental performance;

  • consider the environmental impact of our operations and prevent pollution and reduce              carbon emissions;

  • aim to meet the targets established by the Greening Government Commitments, incorporating the UK's NetZero 2050 target;

  • meet all environmental legislative requirements;

  • comply with sustainable reporting requirements.

Our objectives are to:

  • reduce carbon emissions from fuel consumption by our buildings;

  • reduce carbon emissions from business operations, such as travel and paper use;

  • reduce water consumption;

  • reduce, reuse, or recycle all waste;

  • incorporate sustainable development issues into our purchasing and contract management strategies; consideration of life cycle, end of life and disposal of products and goods.

  • retain a fully functional EMS system to an ISO14001 standard.

  • meet the guidance requirements set out under Section 6 of the Environment (Wales) Action 2016 Part 1 on Biodiversity

  • encourage volunteering opportunities within the local community.


The UK Statistics Authority will meet these aims and objectives by the means set out in our Sustainable Development Action Plan.

Availability of this policy statement

A copy of this policy statement (PDF, 229.3kB) is available.

Scott Howell

Deputy Director of Business Enablers Division

November 2020

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