You asked

I'd like to request information relating to how much the UK's magik / whitchcraft / alternative medicine/ spirituality / psychic medium industry is worth.

Any information that relates to how much revenue is generated by sales of crystals, tarot cards, spiritual services, reiki, alternative medicines, spirituality, spellwork and psychic readings, would be greatly appreciated.

In the USA, it has become an $2 billion industry, but it is very difficult to find such information for the UK's ever growing spirituality industry.

We said

Thank you for your enquiry into the UK psychic services and witchcraft industry.

While data measuring the value of services by UK businesses is collected by the Annual Survey for Goods and Services (ASGS) and the equivalent manufacturing data is collected by the Prodcom survey, it is unfortunately not possible to measure the value of the UK psychic or witchcraft industry due to the way data is classified and collected. Therefore, we do not hold the information requested.

Data relating to astrological or spiritualist services is classified within division 96 'other personal service activities' and more specifically to industry 96.09 'other personal service activities not elsewhere classified'. However this industry includes a number of varied sub-industries including (but not limited to) social activities, tattooing and piercing and pet services. This means that unfortunately it is not possible to measure the value of the sub-industries such as astrological or spiritualist services within this classification since we do not collect the information at the level required.

Additionally, products manufactured in the UK that could be related to this area, such as crystals and tarot cards are not classified as products within their own entity and are instead reported within other, larger product descriptions. This means we are unable to measure the level of manufacturers sales of these products. For example, Tarot cards are likely to be measured within sales from the manufacture of playing cards (32404100), which is obviously a much broader product.