FOI Ref: FOI/2022/3984

You asked

Can you please publish the sources, or emails/correspondence, from which the quotes on this page - UK Statistics Authority - What our stakeholders say - are drawn?

The same web pages says: "As part of the planning and preparation for this new strategy the Authority has engaged with a wide range of users and stakeholders." Can you please publish (i) a list of all events held, (ii) a list of all stakeholders invited/attended, (iii) the written contributions to the consultation from the MPC/BoE, LGA, RSS, GovAct, Geospatial Commission, OS and NCVO, and (iv) reports written about the events held (published or not)?

We said

Thank you for your request.

Following a search of our systems, we can confirm the only information held in scope of your request is contained in the following links:

UK Statistics Authority - minutes 25 November 2019, PDF

UK Statistics Authority - minutes and papers 30 January 2020, PDF

UK Statistics Authority - minutes and papers 27 February 2020, PDF

As part of the launch of 'Statistics for the Public Good', the ONS External Affairs team reached out to a number of key stakeholders who had played a role in developing the strategy. These people were contacted via email, inviting them to provide a quote for publication on the website. It was felt that having such advocates would further underline the national importance of the strategy.

Please see the attached documents. Data Landscape Workshop (PDF 34 KB) is for an event which should have been included with the board papers and Contribution to UKSA strategy final (PDF 117.9 KB) is a document found attached to an email.

Personal data has been redacted from the document named 'Data Landscape Workshop' document under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

Unfortunately the original emails inviting those stakeholders to provide a comment are no longer held because they were sent from the inboxes of ONS colleagues who have now left the organisation. The ONS policy is to delete the email accounts of ex-employees 30 days after their departure for security reasons.