FOI Ref: ​FOI-2023-1107

You asked

Please could I request information on income deprivation (as percentage of the population) for the whole of England, in 2019. I have gone through the information available online regarding deprivation indicies in 2019 (link:, but this only provides figures for income deprivation by neighbourhood/local authority, not for England.

We said

Thank you for your query regarding income deprivation for England in 2019.

Although the ONS does publish information on income, we do not calculate the income sub-domain of the index of multiple deprivation that you've linked in your request.  

As such, this information is not held by the Office for National Statistics. For more information on the sub-domains, you may like to contact  

If you would like to discuss the income statistics produced by the ONS further, then please contact the Household Income & Expenditure Analysis team on