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I would like to request the Crime dataset (recorded and surveyed) which includes cybercrime as well as Home office categories of crime per London borough, and the street at which the crime occurred. The purpose is to look at the total crimes per street per year and analyse the trends for each London borough for past five years.

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Thank you for your email.

We publish statistics taken from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) and crimes recorded by the police.

We do not publish Crime Survey data at London borough level as the survey sample was designed to provide accurate estimates of crime primarily at the national level for England and Wales. Some limited data is published at lower geographical levels such as regions and Police Force Areas/Community Safety Partnerships alongside our quarterly release - Crime in England and Wales; here. Please note the crime survey does not record where the crime occurred but only where the victim lives.

You could try to obtain access to the CSEW micro dataset for you to conduct your own analysis in SPSS which includes the information collected on cybercrime, there is an Approved Researcher Scheme, details of which are available here. This is for expert analysts and even once access has been granted, any analysis you conduct at London borough level would be of very limited quality and would give no indication of the geographic location of the incident.

We also publish data on police recorded crime but like the crime survey data this is not published at the London borough level. In addition, we do not hold police record level datasets to make accessible to users through the Approved Researcher Scheme. Police record data collection is coordinated by the Home Office. Details of how they ensure consistency and accuracy in their data is available in their counting rules for recorded crime. If you would like further information on this then you can contact the Home Office through the following email:

The Home Office do publish some street level crime data via the Data.Police.UK and you can access the site and data here: Please note this does not include fraud and cybercrime as the is no geography associated with where the crime took place.

In addition to police recorded crime and Crime Survey data the ONS publishes the number of fraud and computer misuse offences recorded by Action Fraud in Appendix table A4 alongside our Crime in England and Wales quarterly bulletin mentioned above. Again, these tables are national figures and not published at borough level. The latest version of these tables can be accessed in the same location as the other data here and an updated version will be published on 17 October.

Please note, Action Fraud have taken over the recording of fraud and computer misuse offences on behalf of individual police forces. This process began in April 2011 and was rolled out to all police forces by March 2013. Due to this change, caution should be taken when comparing data over this transitional period and with earlier years. See the User Guide for more details including information on transfer date to Action Fraud for each force. Contact details for Action Fraud are provided here.

Please note that if you have any further questions relating to crime statistics then you can contact us via the following inbox: