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I would like to obtain data on police recorded crime in each police force area for each of the years 2001 to 2019 (inclusive) on the number of instances of recorded crime by the gender of the victim.

The aggregated data for 2019 are here:

I am interested in the data from Table P1 in the December 2019 file (and analogous tables for other year) but disaggregated by the gender of the victim. In particular I am interested in disaggregated data on crimes classified" as "Violence against the person and the sub-classifications (Homicide, Violence with injury, Violence without injury, Stalking and harassment and Death or serious injury - unlawful driving).

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Thank you for your request.

Table 6 within our Nature of violent crime: appendix tables detail the proportion of violence against the person offences by sex of victim in the year ending March 2019. Data for year ending March 2018 can be found in Table 10. Unfortunately, these data are not broken down by police force area.

We do not hold police recorded crime data. These data are collated and provided to us by the Home Office. They may be able to help further and can be contacted at

If you have any crime-related queries in the future, you can email